State Data
Resource Center

Resources for States Integrating Medicare and Medicaid Data

The State Data Resource Center (SDRC) website was established to facilitate State access to, and use of, Medicare data for Medicare-Medicaid care coordination and program integrity.

Through the State Data Resource (SDR) project, State requestors have access to technical advisors who can:

  • Provide guidance on how to address limitations in CMS data—including assisting requestors who may or may not be familiar with the data available at CMS and its use;
  • Describe Medicare data and comment on its applicability to the proposed use for Medicare-Medicaid care coordination and program integrity efforts;
  • Assist with the process of obtaining Medicare data from CMS, including gaining an approved Data Use Agreement or addenda;
  • Advise States on ways of linking databases and creating analytic databases; and
  • Help States determine how to use available data, based on State priorities for Medicare-Medicare coordination and program integrity.

These technical advisors are provided by Econometrica, Inc. and Acumen, LLC. Econometrica, Inc. is a mission-driven research and management organization providing innovative and scientifically based solutions to transform healthcare and improve care delivery and patient outcomes. Acumen, LLC is a policy research firm devoted to the generation of practical and informative insights into Medicare, Medicaid, and many other health and social service programs.


For the State Data Resource (SDR) project, Econometrica, Inc. and Acumen, LLC work closely with CMS to help States learn about Medicare data, their formats, and their limitations. To this end, the SDRC Team offers state Medicaid agencies:

  • Support requesting certain Medicare data, including eligibility and enrollment data, Medicare Parts A and B claims and Part D event data, and assessments data including MDS, OASIS, Swing Bed, and IRF-PAI;
  • Assistance understanding the formats and idiosyncrasies of Medicare data; and
  • Periodic webinars on various aspects of the State Data Resource project—from the type of data to request to methods of linking Medicare and Medicaid databases.

To learn more about these support services, contact the SDRC Team by phone at (877) 657-9889 or by email at

For additional information on the SDRC Team, please visit the websites for Econometrica, Inc. and Acumen, LLC.

Additional Information

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More information about CMS support of state program integrity activities can be found on the About Program Integrity page.