Data Sharing Agreement

CMS provides state Medicaid agencies with multiple data exchanges and data sharing programs to support coordination and program operations for people who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. CMS’s five data sharing programs support the following datasets: Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) File Exchange, Buy-In File Exchange, Territory Beneficiary Query (TBQ) File, Enrollment Database (EDB) File, and the Medicare-Medicaid Data Sharing Program.

In 2019, CMS reviewed these data sharing programs and the accompanying agreements. As part of this review, CMS developed an agreement to streamline redundancies across all the agreements currently governing the data programs. CMS’s goal is to provide states with one agreement that covers all available data sharing programs.

Data Sharing Agreement Documents

Information Exchange Agreement 

The Information Exchange Agreement establishes terms, conditions, safeguards, and procedures governing states’ access to Medicare data for the purpose of supporting dually eligible beneficiaries.

Data Request and Attestation Form

The DRA establishes the terms of use governing states’ access to Medicare data. State Medicaid agencies requesting data for the first time should submit the DRA form as part of their data request package to MMCO directly through the State Data Resource Center and not to any other organization. State Medicaid agencies should also use the DRA form to change the data requestor on the DRA.

To learn more about the MMA, TBQ and EDB exchange files offered by CMS, click below.

MMA, TBQ and EDB Overview Document

To learn more about the files encompassed under the Medicare-Medicaid Data Sharing Program, click below.

Data Sharing Overview Document

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