Medicare Data Request Process Overview

To acquire and use Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data for Medicare-Medicaid care coordination or program integrity activities, state Medicaid agencies must first complete a data request package, then submit it to CMS for approval.

Request Process Overview

Data request processes vary according to the type of data requested; however, the approval process for data requests generally consists of the following four steps:


State develops a data request package with the support of the SDRC Team.


Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office and/or Center for Program Integrity and Business Owner review the data request and determine whether it meets the care coordination and/or program integrity requirements.


A DRA number is assigned by CMS.*

*Not applicable to Coordination of Benefits Agreement requests.


Data distribution groups provide data to requestors.

Looking for more detailed information on this process?

State Medicaid agencies can find additional information on Medicare data options in the following document: Requesting and Using Medicare Data for Medicare-Medicaid Care Coordination and Program Integrity: An Overview.

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